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This ministry was established in order to frame policies relating to various subjects assigned to the provincial council through provincial council system established to decentralize powers under the Provincial Council Act No.47 of 1987 in terms of 13th amendment to the constitution, and mainly this ministry is established to frame policies for agricultural activities in the area. Accordingly the development activities suitable for Uva Province are implemented by the ministry in order to provide required services to the community of Uva Province the ministry functions as the basic operational unit for respective subjects' Irrigation, Inland Fisheries, Animal Production and Agri Roads in addition to the subject of agriculture at present.

Chiefly by the agricultural development programme, developmental programmes are planned through the main sectors such as agricultural products and increase of productivity, sale of agricultural products and technological development, development of agriculture related industries, strengthening activities of institutions associated with agriculture.

Developmental programmes are implemented through main components such as development of livestock sector development of productivity and development of institutional capacity.

With the establishment of fifth provincial council through the subject of Agrarian Development assigned to this ministry programmes are implemented relating to maintenance repairing and promotion of minor irrigation systems within the area, as well as providing various requisite facilities in order to facilitate sales activities and agricultural products of farmers community:- Development of agricultural roads, establishment of whole sale center.

Inland Fisheries industry is implemented within the Uva province under Inland fisheries development programmes and development programmes relating to enhancing fishery population in internal waterbodies, fisheries production associated with lakes, ornamental fish industry, fish breeding centres and sale of fisheries production are implemented within the area. In addition assistance for basic social needs of the fishing community dispersed in the Uva province is provided through Inland fisheries programme.

With the establishment of the new provincial council, another important subject assigned to this ministry is the subject of environment. Under this programme through the environment conservation programmes implemented within the province environmentally important and effective zones in the Uva province are conserved.

Ex:- catchments areas, wastes management programmes associated with main cities, awareness programmes for the community in relation with the subjected environment are implemented.

Programmes relating to tourism activities in the Uva province are implemented by this ministry and through them programmes such as development of infrastructure facilities of places which have tourist attractions, tourist propagation and promotion, development of economy of the community living with tourism.

At present Hon. Minister Upali Samaraveera performs duties as the Minister of Provincial Agriculture, while Administrative activities of the ministry are managed by the secretary to the ministry Mr. Gunadasa Samarashinghe.  

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